About Good Hope Art

In the shadow of Table Mountain lies a piece of Cape-Dutch history. A pentagonal-shaped castle established in 1652 which once hosted the first Dutch settlers in the Cape led by Jan Van Riebeeck. The Castle of Good Hope played an integral part in both the establishment of the city of Cape Town and in South African history.

Today the castle no longer hosts Jan Van Riebeeck, instead remnants of a rich and glorious past are still visible and it provides an inspiring haven to a number of vibrant artists who ply their trade in the heart of Cape Town’s art scene creating the next chapter of this illustrious history.

The Community Arts Workshop founded by Robert Robson, facilitated some of their workshops at the castle. These workshops would run between two weeks and three months. Artists found the castle workshops so enjoyable and inspiring that they simply did not want to leave when they came to an end. A few of these artists then decided to rent space from the Castle of Good Hope. The Community Arts Workshop then became Good Hope Art (GHA) and has been operating under this name since 2006.

The studio has a ten year history with Truworths and the Truworths Social Development Fund. Truworths’ involvement in the Studios is due to their shared vision with Good Hope Art, which is to foster the development of artists from various communities.  

Good Hope Art is a Non-Profit Organization (061-387-NPO) registered in 2008 and in 2011 received its Public Benefit Organisation (PBO # 930036906) status. The studio offers a residency facility to enable artists to develop their professional art careers in a unique networking environment. Good Hope Art offers support to both emerging and established artists, providing a network with various sectors. This facilitation of events, while encouraging artists to market their work, is what makes the organization so unique. The organization also hosts workshops which allow the artists to improve their skills, techniques and to sharpen their artistic focus, while simultaneously developing the artist’s business skills.


Good Hope Art collaborates with government departments, corporate clients, art galleries, art projects and foreign exchange, training and mentoring programs. These are added benefits to being a part of the residency program.


Good Hope Art associates itself with professionally minded emerging and mid career artists. The studios host a visiting artists program which allows national and international artists residency space for a period of four to twelve weeks. The Studio also plans to have an exchange program with national and international organizations and artists.


Community based outreach programs are part of Good Hope Arts' vision to develop communities and new audiences. These outreach programs simultaneously empower artists and identify potential artists.


Good Hope Art sees itself as a community and not merely a studio which strives to support the artist in all areas required. Apart from the studio marketing the artist, each individual artist is required to manage their own marketing.


"Entrance to the Castle" by Vivien Kohler